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High quality materials and workmanship, Clothing according to your needs, Clothes for every occasion, Responsible textile production, Comprehensive range of services, Partner of companies and brands since 1990.

About our company

Colombus combines since 1990 high-quality materials, first-class workmanship and fair working conditions in the textile production facilities. From the idea to the collection.

Germany - Bangladesh - Myanmar - China - India - Turkey

Our passion for exquisite design and innovation is reflected in each of our garments. Whether it's stylish apparel or customized solutions for your business, we have been offering a wide range of high-quality textiles for men, women and children to meet your needs since 1990.
Since Colombus was founded in 1990, we have been proud to offer our customers high quality and fashionable clothing.Colombus is headquartered in Langenfeld, Germany. With offices in Berlin, a liaison office in Bangladesh, and local staff in China, Myanmar, India and Turkey, we operate globally.
We offer first-class products, innovative design as well as excellent customer service and pay attention to sustainable and ethical textile production. This is trusted by many well-known brands, department stores, boutiques and online retailers in the textile industry worldwide.

In the course of time and some further developments later, we are no longer an agency, but an "all-rounder".

- Andreas Herrgut, CEO

Our demands for quality, flexibility, communication and satisfaction - at all levels - have constantly evolved and are important components of Colombus.

- Rüdiger Orwloski, CEO

It all started with the classic import business of textiles from Italy and Turkey.

- Franz Welbers, Founder

From the idea to the collection - we are there for you!

Discover the comprehensive range of services offered by Colombus, which accompanies you from A to Z. As a textile all-rounder, we offer you a unique service package ranging from design and product development to production, packaging, transport and storage.

Design & Product Development

Colombus' experienced designers and product developers are at your side when it comes to turning collections into reality. With state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail, we ensure that each of our textile products meets the highest quality standards. At Colombus, you can expect not only high-quality materials and workmanship, but also a vibrant product range.

Production & Inline Inspections

Colombus' gapless production process guarantees efficiency and precision from start to finish. With inline inspections, we continuously monitor the quality of the textiles and take immediate corrective action when necessary to ensure that your expectations are met.


We place great emphasis on a holistic shopping experience and therefore also offer you attractive packaging options. Your orders will be carefully packed in high quality and attractive packaging so that you not only receive high quality products, but can also offer your customers an aesthetically pleasing presentation right away.

Transport & Storage

We pack, ship and clear your textiles. With the reliable Colombus transport network, we ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time. And thanks to our extensive storage capacities, we can offer you flexible solutions for the storage and distribution of your textiles if required.

You want to realize your idea ?

Contact us and discover the world of Colombus full of fashion possibilities. The Colombus team looks forward to helping you choose the perfect textiles and providing you with excellent customer service.

Discover our first class textiles for any occasion

Whether timeless basics or the latest trends - the Colombus designers have something to offer for every taste. From casual polo shirts to comfortable sweatshirts and trendy knitwear to stylish shirts, comfortable nightwear, robust workwear and adorable children's clothing - the variety knows no bounds and is completely geared to your wishes.


Basics combines timeless design with high quality and offers the perfect basis for every closet. From classic T-shirts to comfortable basic pants - basics is uncomplicated, versatile and always on trend.


Inspired by the catwalks of the world, fashionwear combines the latest styles with high-quality materials - a diverse selection of trendy patterns and fashionable cuts


Workwear must offer the optimum mix of functionality, comfort and style in every industry. Workwear meets these requirements in a variety of ways, whether through particularly hard-wearing materials, ergonomic design or high safety standards to meet your individual needs.


Polo shirts combine classic design with modern flair. Our high-quality polo shirts offer a stylish and comfortable look for any occasion, be it at the office, on the golf course or during leisure time.


Sweatwear is the perfect blend of comfort and style. With soft fabrics and trendy designs, our sweatshirts and pants are the ideal choice for a casual and modern look.


Immerse yourself in the world of knitwear. From warm sweaters to elegant cardigans, we offer high-quality knitwear that combines comfort, elegance and timeless design.


Jeanswear is much more than the classic jeans pants. From trendy denim jackets to stylish denim dresses and casual denim skirts, we offer a variety of denim styles for every taste.


From classic to modern, carefully crafted shirts in a variety of styles, colors and patterns offer the perfect look for any occasion, whether in the office or at leisure.


Be inspired by the diverse selection of pants. From classic chinos to elegant fabric pants to casual leisure and sports pants, Colombus offers you the perfect fit and quality for every occasion.

Blazers, jackets, suits

Whether for formal occasions, in the office or as a stylish highlight in leisure time, blazers, jackets and suits combine timeless design, first-class workmanship and perfect fit.


From trendy bomber jackets to hiking jackets and warming winter coats - we have the right design for every season, every activity and every individual taste.


Enjoy dreamy nights with the comfortable and stylish nightwear. From soft pajamas to cozy nightgowns, we offer a variety of options.

Underwear & Socks

High quality underwear and socks from Colombus. From comfortable cotton underpants to fine lace bras and breathable socks, we offer the perfect fit and feel for all day wear.

Children's clothing

Children's clothing must combine comfort, quality and design. From cute baby outfits to fashionable styles for kids of all ages, our designs ensure that children not only look good, but can also move freely and carefree.

Multiple packaging

In carefully assembled sets, we offer you clothing put together according to your wishes. Whether it is a double pack of T-shirts, a 5-pack of underpants or a 10-pack of socks, we harmoniously match the textiles according to your specifications and package them attractively.

Our mood board collection

We stand for fairness and responsibility

Colombus actively promotes fair working conditions and adequate pay throughout the supply chain. We work closely with our partners to ensure that workers' rights are respected and fair wages are paid. Through regular audits and transparency in our supply chains, we ensure that our products are manufactured under ethical conditions. At Colombus, we believe that fair working conditions and fair wages are not only fundamental values, but also the basis for high-quality and sustainable textile products. All our products are certified:

The amfori BSCI Code of Conduct defines values and principles for responsible business practices in the supply chain and aims to continuously optimize key parameters. It is based on the ILO (International Labor Organization) labor standards.
From the harvesting of raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible production and labeling, GOTS-certified organic textiles provide credible assurance for consumers.
ÖkoTex Standard 100
The world's most recognized, uniform and independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of processing, as well as for auxiliaries used.

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and discover the world of Colombus full of fashion possibilities.
The Colombus team looks forward to helping you choose the perfect textiles and providing you with excellent customer service.

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